Thoughts from the KU camp scrimmage (a/k/a Wiggins’ premiere)

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Wiggins warmup dunk

Here are some thoughts from the second camp scrimmage (a/k/a Wiggins’ KU premiere).

(1) I was really impressed with Black. I am convinced more than ever now that he’ll be starting. He won’t bring a refined offensive game to the floor. But he attacks every rebound like he’s mad at the world. He had a couple big dunks, one on a put-back. He brings some much needed post muscle to the team. Perhaps I had low expectations, but he was really impressive.

(2) Perry looks stronger, especially in core and legs, which is what he needed. He played well, nailed a couple 3-pointers, and generally looked comfortable in his own skin. Going to be a stud this year.

(3) Greene went like 3-4 from 3 and looked solid. Conner didn’t get anything to fall, but he seemed to get his shot when he wanted it. Conner looked small compared to just about everyone except Frank Mason.

(4) Mason didn’t do a lot, but I made an effort to watch him closely. The speed is there as we know, but he’s also got some serious hops. Threw down some pretty impressive dunks in pre game. I am not a Masonite yet, but I concede he’s going to play. Naadir didn’t do much, couple turnovers, made a step back 3.

(5) Wiggins seemed to glide through the game. Even the crazy dunk everyone has now seen looked like he wasn’t even trying. Some people question his jumper, but it looked pretty smooth to me. Morningstar was guarding him most of the time and was trying really hard not to get embarrassed. He did a good job as Wiggins settled for jumpers except for the two dunks in transition. He didn’t try anything crazy dunk-wise in pre-game. Fine with me. Stay healthy, young fella. Also, he’s “athlete strong” but very skinny. Slap anyone that compares him to LeBron or anyone else with a semi-wide frame.

(6) Jerrance Howard was having a ball. He left for the scrimmage but before that, he was pumping up the crowd, having fun with the kids, interacting with all the guys. Everyone is going to love this guy.

(7) As far as the old guys, Collins was like 1-10 from 3, Tyrel Reed made everything, Hawkins still plays some solid on-ball D for an old timer, Miles looked polished, Cole looked exactly the same — solid D, couple blocks (and a smart decision to back off from defending Wiggins’ dunk).

(8) Jason King was in the audience. I have a feeling he might latch on to Wiggins this year for ESPN. Can’t blame him.

(9) I like Jamari, but I’m more and more convinced we know who he is and what he’s going to be. High energy off the bench, good asset to have on both sides of the floor as long as he’s crashing boards. I don’t think he’s going to ever going to be a true offensive threat, but that’s ok. He brings some good things to the floor, and will be awesome to have off the bench.

(10) Embiid and Selden did not disappoint. Embiid looks incredibly polished for how little he has played. I do think he’ll come off the bench this year, but he’s got lottery pick written all over him. He even put the ball on the ground a couple times and sorta brought the ball up the court. Gotta love big guys that like to play PG. Selden has such good vision. He had a couple great passes setting up others. He has great lift on his jump shot. And man is he a strong dude.

Just a few thoughts. Much more to come, so stay tuned to JHT.


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  1. Garrett Neiss says:

    I was also very encouraged by seeing Perry develop his offensive skill set. The guy can knock down jumpers from practically anywhere, and his summer with Hudy has clearly helped his all-around game. Also, great to have Jamari back with just as much energy and hustle as before. It’ll be important to have that spark on both ends of the floor when the team is going through one of those “grind it out” games, which will inevitably come at some point. I’d say the most impressive non-Wiggins freshman was Joel. Embiid shows that raw talent required to be a real defensive powerhouse, and I think his post moves are already more developed than Withey’s were.

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