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Episode 117 – Champions of the Champions Classic

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We are three games into the regular season and we already have a win against Kentucky under our belt. An ugly win, but a win against Kentucky should always be greeted with a party. The guys go over the highlights of the Kentucky and South Dakota State game and dive into the Oklahoma football game including “Crotch-gate” or “Handshake-gate”–whatever we are calling it. The guys close with some talk about Billy Preston’s eligibility, next week’s games, and, of course, some Hey Beels. Rock Chalk!

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Episode 116 – Champions Classic Preview

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The guys are back to talk Tennessee Tech/State or whatever and then preview the Kentucky matchup in Chicago at the Champions Classic. Also talk a lot about roster construction, the Silvio De Sousa situation, a little Big 12, and America’s favorite new segment, #HEYBEEL. Come on in, have a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast!

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Episode 106 – Let’s Get Ready for Roundball!

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The fellas are back to talk about a CRAZY week for KU basketball. From the WVU ugliness to the McCarthy Hall investigation to the Bragg news to the huge Kentucky win, the guys hit it all. They also try to reset after this week and gauge where the team is at and where they’re going. Tons of Big 12 talk as well, including previews for the monster Baylor game and Iowa State game this week. They also peek into the future and the tough remaining 6 games in this brutal 8 game stretch. Also — why every team needs a Brannen Greene.

Find a beer, have a seat, and listen to a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast.

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Episode 105 – Schedulegeddon

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The guys are back to talk about the #SCHEDULEGEDDON KU is about to embark upon. They get you and the team ready with the various ways to “prep to go into battle.” They also talk about Kevin’s experience in Ames, recap the Texas game, talk about the keys to beating West Virginia and Kentucky and do another #GoGoPowerRankers for the Big 12. Huge week for the Hawks, and a huge week for the Jayhawk Talk Podcast. Come on in, grab a beer, and have a listen.

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Episode 89 – UK Recap plus Sunflowers

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It was an up and down week for the ‘hawks, but after the big UK overtime win, things sure feel up. The guys get together to recap the week, talk some Rules of Basketball, wax on some Big 12, have some fun with junk defenses, and preview the “Sunflower Showdown.”

Come on in, grab a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast.

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Episode 63 – Overreactions, ORLANDO, and some Svi Love

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Come on in and have a listen to the best above average KU podcast on the entire internet. The guys talk a little UK overreactions, some Rider real reactions, preview the Orlando Classic, and play angel and devil regarding Clint Bowen as the next head coach. They also spend ample time talking about a #PerryDunk and their #SviManCrush.

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Episode 62 – Preview UK and UCSB, Goalposts, and Final Fours (with guest George Barrett)

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In this the 62nd episode of the Jayhawk Talk Podcast, the guys get together to talk a little UCSB and Kentucky. They are joined by friend of the podcast, George Barrett, to help preview the Kentucky game and talk a little Champion’s Classic. The guys also talk about goalposts coming down because KU football.

Come on in, grab a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast.

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Bill Self should name Wiggins’ dad assistant coach

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Credit: Brian Spurlock-McDonalds

One NBA scout says he is the best player to come out of high school in 10 years. Another says no one in high school or college basketball is on his same level. Still another says he would start for most NBA teams today if he were allowed in the league.

And there’s a chance this player could be wearing KU blue next year.

There’s also a chance he could be wearing Kentucky blue, North Carolina blue, or Florida State bl…garnet. Regardless, KU has a chance. Perhaps not a one-in-four chance, but a chance nonetheless. If Andrew Wiggins is anywhere near as good as everyone says he is, then there is no reason why coaches shouldn’t be pulling out all the stops to lure him to campus.

I’m not talking duffel bags of money or a new tractor for the family or a new house and job (nod to all the Blue Chips fans out there). I’m talking about the gray area in the recruiting game — the area every single high major program operates in.

Kansas is very good at operating in the gray and has been for some time. It’s time to continue this tradition of not breaking an NCAA rule but also not not breaking it too.

Let’s give his dad a front row seat to the games. Give him access to practice, to the locker room, to the team jet. Give him cool blue threads with three stripes and tell him not to worry about the lack of swoosh. Give him a competitive salary commensurate with others in his profession. And we can do all of this without breaking any NCAA rules.

Self needs to name pops KU assistant coach.**

** For this to work, a few assumptions need to be made: First, Andrew Wiggins would come to KU if Self named Mitchell Wiggins as assistant coach. Second, Andrew would probably not commit to KU if Self didn’t give Mitchell the job. Third, Self is cool with all the shit he would take from his peers and the media for making this move. Got that out of the way? Awesome. Let’s continue.

Some history is necessary. You might recall a certain other #1 recruit lured to Kansas after his father was named assistant basketball coach. The father’s name was Ed, and prior to arriving in Lawrence, he had been a truck driver for three years. Ed did play some professional basketball at one point, including two seasons on the Carolina Cougars of the ABA. But he had been out of basketball for some time. It didn’t stop him from taking the job when he got the phone call.

Ed received a good salary from Kansas. Somewhere between $27,000 and $30,000. He also received the use of an automobile — a 1983 Chevrolet Caprice.

And Ed also brought us Danny. And Danny brought us a championship.

Here’s another history lesson you might recall. A man named Ronnie was a head high school basketball coach, amassing a very impressive 109-28 record and two state championships. He had 20 years of basketball coaching experience, though on a much smaller scale than high major Division 1 hoops. Nevertheless, he was asked to join KU’s coaching staff and was given a shiny title as “Director of Basketball Operations.” Coincidentally, perhaps, Danny Manning was also on the staff at the time. He, too, had a shiny title: “Director of Student-Athlete Development.”

Ronnie brought us Mario. And Mario brought us a championship.

Catching a trend here?

It’s time to hire Mitchell Wiggins.

He too has some player and coaching experience. He played in the NBA (stints with Bulls and Rockets). He coached something called the Hickory Nutz and the Spearfish Black Hills Heat too. In short, he’s perfect for the job!

Because he can bring us Andrew. And perhaps Andrew can bring us a championship.

You might be wondering if this practice is even allowed under NCAA rules. In the years following the Ronnie Chalmers addition, other schools began hiring family members and AAU coaches in director-type roles in order to secure players. The NCAA finally caught up to this practice and instituted the IAWP (Individuals Associated With a Prospect) rule. It pretty much banned the hiring of individuals “associated with a prospective student athlete in any athletics department noncoaching staff position” (NCAA Bylaw 11.4.2).

But the above rule applies only to noncoaching positions (i.e., “Director of Basketball Operations” and “Director of Student-Athlete Development”), not coaching positions. And it just so happens KU has an open assistant coaching position waiting to be filled.

The timing could not be more perfect. Kansas is done with the 2013 recruiting class for the most part. Self and Co. may find a transfer or two, but Wiggins is really the only ’13 target left on the board that would require an assistant coach’s recruiting prowess. For the most part, Self won’t have to worry too much about 2014 either. Norm Roberts and Kurtis Townsend are very capable recruiters and Self can play closer role with guys like Okafor, Jones, Winslow, Whitehead, Vaughn, and Pope. If there is ever a year to be fine without a third established assistant coach or recruiter, it is this one. Plus, let’s be honest, this would be a 1-year contract.

So get on the horn, Coach Self. Bring Mitchell to Kansas. Bring Andrew to Kansas. And bring that next father-son championship to Kansas.

It has worked before.


Is this our year?

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It seems just about every March you hear someone around these parts say that this is “KU’s year.” You might even hear some reasoning behind the assertion. Every year it goes something like this…

“They just have a complete team. They are battle-tested. They have all the intangibles. There are no holes on this squad. They have tournament guards. This is the seniors’ last chance. They’re focused on the prize.”

Bla bla bla bla bla.

No matter what Digger Phelps or Jay Bilas or Seth Davis or your co-worker at the water jug will tell you, the NCAA tournament is not decided by measuring those factors. If it were, KU would have more than three national championship banners hanging in the rafters of Allen Fieldhouse, and, most likely, ’88 would not be among them.

Instead, this tournament is decided by players making plays. It’s decided by hunger, sweat, intensity, drive, and guts. Upsets happen this time of year because a team’s will can often overcome a team’s talent. Your school may not have five McDonald’s All-Americans but it can still box out, out-hustle, and out-prepare another group of 18-22 year-olds. Coaches and players like to think that these are the factors that they can control in a tournament, and it’s true. If a team embodies these qualities and has the talent to compete, it can dance for a long time.

But then there are those things a coach and team cannot control, but still must overcome to reach a championship.

First, there’s the bracket and venue. The term “neutral floor” is thrown around so often in college basketball without any real basis. Playing UCLA in its back yard for a chance to go to the Final Four might come to mind. Perhaps playing the Championship game in Kemper Arena may also ring a bell. Then there is luck. A Final Four match-up against George Mason sure beats one against Kentucky, no matter how much America is behind the underdog.

But that’s the great part about this tournament. There are so many unknowns, and there is always room for that miracle run. KU knows all too well, both on the giving and receiving ends. The unknowns make CBS pony up billions to keep it on their network. The unknowns make the office bracket pools so much fun. The unknowns give those #10 to #16 seeds a reason to ask the “what if?” questions.

Can you blame them?

This has been an interesting year in college basketball. There is no team that is infallible. Sure, Kentucky and Syracuse have put together a ton of victories. But do those matter beginning March 15th? Not at all. I’d give Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio State, and Duke 3 out of 10 against the Wildcats if played today on a neutral court in mid-January. Probably 4 or 5 against ‘Cuse.

But this isn’t mid-January. It’s the month of madness.

I guess this is why I’m not all that much afraid of Kentucky. We’ve seen too many instances of incredibly talented freshmen not being able to gut out tournament victories for big blue nation. And with the overall #1 seed out of the tournament, it is a complete crap shoot this year.

So, back to the original assertion we have all heard. Is it KU’s year?

I’m not sure. But I’ll say this. I feel more confident with this team than I did last year. And the year before that. And those teams were pretty damn good (more on what I think of KU’s postseason chances later this week).

For now, let’s take a deep breath and get ready. The madness is nearly upon us.