Episode 113 – Sweet 16 Edition

Sweet 16 baby. The guys are back to talk tourney stuff, Scott Drew as a stage 4 clinger, how much technical fouls on dunks is super dumb, predictions for the [...]


Episode 112 – March Swagness

The bracket is here! Talk of Cinderella, 12 over a 5, Tru TV and literally NO work getting done is upon us. Kevin and Andrew get together to talk about [...]


Episode 111 – Bitch I’m Frank Mason 2.0 (with RedHead) Plus Big 12 Tourney Talk

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here — RedHead’s premiere of “Bitch I’m Frank Mason 2.0.” You know him from his original hit with KU fans, “Bitch I’m [...]


“Bitch I’m Frank Mason 2.0″

Once in a rare while an artist will create a true masterpiece. You revere it. You glorify it. And how could you not — it’s perfection, after all. Then you [...]

Bill Self

Episode 110 – Beaker’s Dozen

The guys are back to talk #13STR13 and #BeakersDozen. They recap the week, talk about the next couple games, and give a preview to the Big 12 tournament preview. There [...]