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The fellas are back to talk MARCH MADNESS and KU’s draw as the #4 seed in a loaded, but awesome Midwest Bracket. They talk KU’s chances, preview the pod of Northeastern/Auburn/New Mexico State, talk about Big 12 draws, make some predictions for bracket busters, and give their thoughts on the state of mind and potential for this KU team to make a run. Come on in, have a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk — MARCH MADNESS edition.

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Episode 144 – We Didn’t Win the Title

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The guys are back with a new post-streak podcast, and have a few things to say, both about the streak and about this team. They reflect, look back, and look forward on what potential this remade squad can potentially do in March.

The guys also DEBUT THE WORLD PREMIERE OF THE NEXT JAYHAWK TALK STUDIOS BANGER, “We Didn’t Win the Title” — a song in the style of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” that includes references of all the funny shit that happened during the streak — dating back 14 years! Let us know what you think. Because the lyrics come at you fast, I’m posting them below.

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K Freeze changing shoes Wayne’s speech Beat Big Blue / Galindo Bucknell Moon Bar bombshell (04-05)
Ronnie Chalmers Micah Downs Moody free throws got us down / Ouch Maui See ya Max Dooley clowned Fazekas (05-06)
Arthur’s dream Brandon’s knee C.J. Giles gotta leave / K.D. superstar Bruins in their back yard (06-07)
Henry T’s Pyscho T Bill Walker had to pee / Derrick Rose ACT free throws are not free
Roy sticker meat necklace Mass Street was a mess / Mario miracle lets cut some effing nets (07-08)
We didn’t win the title. IT’s a new beginning, 14′s all we’re winning. 
We didn’t win the title. Since the trophy’s missing, time for reminiscing.
Blake Griffin Appleton Morri and their airsoft gun / Sherron “Ain’t no seats!” unranked to a four-peat (08-09)
Carl Henry Sam Ryan football team fighting / Brady’s throw, Cole’s tooth Farokhmanesh and point plank’n (09-10)
Ticket scandal Sun Spots Pump Brothers T-Rob /Mario Little wouldn’t pass, Lew traveled high class
Angel Morris Doug Compton Fieldhouse streak was rockin’ / F.O.E. Midcourt lay will Garrett get Deandre?? (10-11)
We didn’t win the title. IT’s a new beginning, 14′s all we’re winning. 
We didn’t win the title. Since the trophy’s missing, time for reminiscing.
Juenneman Party Rock #FreeSelby Clean Block /Fake Withey Merv Lindsay drinking game by Joe Dooley (11-12)
Ben’s dance Rio’s soup Harlem Shake peace Mizzou / Back flip Bank Shot Weatherwax and Nut Tap (12-13)
Perry mmm lemonade Embiid could have played /Cliff pulled a “hat trick” Naadir took a bad pic (13-14)
Redhead Nathan Powers Snacks caught with marijuana / Cave fight with some jabronis someone call Marchiony (14-15)
We didn’t win the title. IT’s a new beginning, 14′s all we’re winning. 
We didn’t win the title. Since the trophy’s missing, time for reminiscing.

#PerryDunk Korea Wayne “Dick Move Brannen Greene / Uncle Ant Buddy Hield “Ma’am I’m Hunter Mickelsen (15-16)
Josh Jackson kicked a car outside the Yacht Club bar / Svi’s travel, KC Star Soofi fell and Frank’s a star (16-17)
Ask Fran #SviFor3 Billy’s eligibility / Silvio joined the team / Nova just hit another three
Three stripes FBI Jim Gatto Bugged lines / Townsy Zion Gotta pay yo “We good?” “Always.” (17-18)

Episode 143 – Now It’s On

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The fellas are back to recap an eventful week of basketball and podcast greatness. They already burned the tape of the Texas Tech game, but do spend a little time basking in the KSU win before looking forward. They also spend a healthy amount of time on Mitch because obviously. They also take a look at the roster and decide if it’s finally set — with defined roles and PT established and ready for post-season play. Then they talk KU’s identity, and whether it will be enough to take them on a deep run. Last, they spend some time looking at the rest of the Big 12 and make some predictions on whether 15 straight is gonna happen.

Come on in, grab a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast — Now It’s ON edition.

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Rock Chalk!


Episode 142 – Mitch I’m Mitch Lightfoot

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The fellas are back with a brand new podcast and the WORLD PREMIERE OF A HIT NEW SINGLE, “Mitch I’m Mitch Lightfoot.” When KU-TCU went into overtime, Kevin said he’d write a song about Mitch if we won. So he did. They play the song, discuss the song for a minute, then move on to talk the Big 12 Race, Schedule remaining for other teams, potential scenarios, and much more. They also preview the upcoming Tech and KSU games, and finish with some predictions.

Come on in, have a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast, Episode 142.

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(Link to the Mitch song if you’re just wanting a sniff of that.)

Episode 141 – Mitch Swag Will Bring Us Back

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The guys are back after a little break to talk all things KU hoops, including some hot takes on Vick, Silvio, Ochai, the NCAA, KU’s chances at extending the streak, and much more. They also take a little credit for predicting that Ochai would indeed be the next Michael Jordan. They also get into the schedule remaining, talk a little Big 12, and even look ahead to NCAA tournament seeding.

Come on in, grab a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast — Mitch and Ochai Edition.

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Episode 120 – Are we ok

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The fellas are back to talk some KU hoops after an up-and-down-but-mostly-down couple of weeks. They don’t really get into the ASU and Washington games because EFF THAT, but they talk about some general themes and storylines about the team and then give a little recap of the big Nebraska win on Saturday night. They also talk some Omaha and Stanford, do some Hey Beels, and spend way too much time in the rumor mill about Billy and Silvio. There’s also some SAM I AM and Floorburns talk. Come in, have a beer, and and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk podcast.

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As always, ROCK CHALK!

Episode 52 – NCAA Tourney Preview (Part 1 of 2)

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The bracket is finally out. We know where we are going and who we are playing. We will be bringing you more information about KU’s competition with our preview podcast coming out tomorrow, but we wanted to do a quick podcast giving you our instant reactions to the bracket. That is this.

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Photo Credit: Gamedayr

Bill Self should name Wiggins’ dad assistant coach

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Credit: Brian Spurlock-McDonalds

One NBA scout says he is the best player to come out of high school in 10 years. Another says no one in high school or college basketball is on his same level. Still another says he would start for most NBA teams today if he were allowed in the league.

And there’s a chance this player could be wearing KU blue next year.

There’s also a chance he could be wearing Kentucky blue, North Carolina blue, or Florida State bl…garnet. Regardless, KU has a chance. Perhaps not a one-in-four chance, but a chance nonetheless. If Andrew Wiggins is anywhere near as good as everyone says he is, then there is no reason why coaches shouldn’t be pulling out all the stops to lure him to campus.

I’m not talking duffel bags of money or a new tractor for the family or a new house and job (nod to all the Blue Chips fans out there). I’m talking about the gray area in the recruiting game — the area every single high major program operates in.

Kansas is very good at operating in the gray and has been for some time. It’s time to continue this tradition of not breaking an NCAA rule but also not not breaking it too.

Let’s give his dad a front row seat to the games. Give him access to practice, to the locker room, to the team jet. Give him cool blue threads with three stripes and tell him not to worry about the lack of swoosh. Give him a competitive salary commensurate with others in his profession. And we can do all of this without breaking any NCAA rules.

Self needs to name pops KU assistant coach.**

** For this to work, a few assumptions need to be made: First, Andrew Wiggins would come to KU if Self named Mitchell Wiggins as assistant coach. Second, Andrew would probably not commit to KU if Self didn’t give Mitchell the job. Third, Self is cool with all the shit he would take from his peers and the media for making this move. Got that out of the way? Awesome. Let’s continue.

Some history is necessary. You might recall a certain other #1 recruit lured to Kansas after his father was named assistant basketball coach. The father’s name was Ed, and prior to arriving in Lawrence, he had been a truck driver for three years. Ed did play some professional basketball at one point, including two seasons on the Carolina Cougars of the ABA. But he had been out of basketball for some time. It didn’t stop him from taking the job when he got the phone call.

Ed received a good salary from Kansas. Somewhere between $27,000 and $30,000. He also received the use of an automobile — a 1983 Chevrolet Caprice.

And Ed also brought us Danny. And Danny brought us a championship.

Here’s another history lesson you might recall. A man named Ronnie was a head high school basketball coach, amassing a very impressive 109-28 record and two state championships. He had 20 years of basketball coaching experience, though on a much smaller scale than high major Division 1 hoops. Nevertheless, he was asked to join KU’s coaching staff and was given a shiny title as “Director of Basketball Operations.” Coincidentally, perhaps, Danny Manning was also on the staff at the time. He, too, had a shiny title: “Director of Student-Athlete Development.”

Ronnie brought us Mario. And Mario brought us a championship.

Catching a trend here?

It’s time to hire Mitchell Wiggins.

He too has some player and coaching experience. He played in the NBA (stints with Bulls and Rockets). He coached something called the Hickory Nutz and the Spearfish Black Hills Heat too. In short, he’s perfect for the job!

Because he can bring us Andrew. And perhaps Andrew can bring us a championship.

You might be wondering if this practice is even allowed under NCAA rules. In the years following the Ronnie Chalmers addition, other schools began hiring family members and AAU coaches in director-type roles in order to secure players. The NCAA finally caught up to this practice and instituted the IAWP (Individuals Associated With a Prospect) rule. It pretty much banned the hiring of individuals “associated with a prospective student athlete in any athletics department noncoaching staff position” (NCAA Bylaw 11.4.2).

But the above rule applies only to noncoaching positions (i.e., “Director of Basketball Operations” and “Director of Student-Athlete Development”), not coaching positions. And it just so happens KU has an open assistant coaching position waiting to be filled.

The timing could not be more perfect. Kansas is done with the 2013 recruiting class for the most part. Self and Co. may find a transfer or two, but Wiggins is really the only ’13 target left on the board that would require an assistant coach’s recruiting prowess. For the most part, Self won’t have to worry too much about 2014 either. Norm Roberts and Kurtis Townsend are very capable recruiters and Self can play closer role with guys like Okafor, Jones, Winslow, Whitehead, Vaughn, and Pope. If there is ever a year to be fine without a third established assistant coach or recruiter, it is this one. Plus, let’s be honest, this would be a 1-year contract.

So get on the horn, Coach Self. Bring Mitchell to Kansas. Bring Andrew to Kansas. And bring that next father-son championship to Kansas.

It has worked before.


There is more to a championship team than “guard play”

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“Guard play wins NCAA championships.”

If you’ve been around college basketball long enough, you’ve heard this old adage. It’s a very easy (read: lazy) way to attempt to understand what a team will need in order to weave its way through the madness of March and emerge victorious in April. Pundits gravitate toward it even more once the smoke of the first weekend subsides — when all that’s left is a pool of legitimate contenders.

Pundits are pundits for a reason. They are usually very capable at breaking down and analyzing a team’s makeup and then will use this analysis to help handicap and predict the team’s chances versus another team. When comparing a team against the field, however, assumptions must be made. This is when we get into the lazy adages.

This particular adage is drawn from a number of assumptions. It is first based on the premise that the tournament normally ends up coming down to guys that can create — not only for themselves but for their teammates. It assumes that the guy with the ball has the power to both make or break you. It assumes that you can game plan and strategize against a post threat, but it’s much harder to take a guard out of the game. It assumes that if you’re faced with a must-make situation, everything starts with the guard. To an extent it also assumes defense doesn’t matter.

That’s all well and good, but I ask that you allow me to introduce you to a couple of gentlemen you might have heard of. Their names are Danny and Anthony.

Danny was not a guard. He was 6’10. His height and skill set propelled him to one of the most impressive performances of all time in an NCAA tournament game — 31 points, 18 rebounds, 5 steals, and 2 blocked shots against OU in the 1988 Championship Game. This was no fluke. His teammates might have earned the moniker, “the Miracles,” but he was just Danny. And he was good. Darn good.

And Danny wasn’t a guard.

Anthony flew slightly lower under the radar in his MVP Championship Game performance (at least as low as he could for a 6’11 guy with a mustache above his eyes). He didn’t score 31 points. In fact, he went 1-10 from the field with six points. How does a guy with 6 points win MVP of college basketball’s most important game? Size. Effort. Rebounding. Defense. He had 16 rebounds, 6 blocks, 5 assists, and 3 steals. Not to mention the plays that didn’t show up in a box score.

I chose two examples that I thought would hit closest to home for KU fans. These are not the only instances of big guys leading their teams to NCAA championships.

Let’s fast forward to the present. KU will be facing off against a Michigan team on Friday that probably has the best guard tandem in the country. Tim Hardaway, Jr. and Trey Burke are probably better than some recent tourney tandems that come to mind too — Juan Dixon and Steve Blake of Maryland, Jay Williams and Chris Duhon of Duke, Charlie Bell and Mateen Cleaves of Michigan State.

If guard play is, in fact, the best measure of success, then Kansas is in trouble.

But there’s one little thing the pundits don’t seem to want to talk about. Something that isn’t near as flashy or sexy as scoring guards.

There are 5 guys on the other bench wearing crimson and blue that take more pride in guarding than they do in scoring.

And this is dangerous.

Michigan destroyed the media’s darling in VCU — a team that some pundits said had the “best defense in the country.” This is a farce. They were the best trapping team in the country. Trapping and defense are not the same thing.

Michigan guards were salivating at the idea of facing a trapping VCU team. Much like Kansas guards were salivating at the idea of facing Mike Anderson’s UAB team in the 2004 regional semifinals. “40 minutes of hell” can be a double edged sword if you face guards that can break it. Michigan broke VCU’s 1-2-1-1 zone press with ease.

But they will not break Kansas.

The difference is that Kansas plays smothering man-to-man defense — a defense designed to take advantage of individual athleticism but has just as much of a team element as any zone defense. It is also a defense that, when run correctly, will rarely give up an uncontested basket. Last, it is a defense that is based 100% on effort, energy, and most importantly, pride.

With four senior starters and a freshman fifth unlikely to return, KU’s effort, energy and pride ought to be at an all-time high. I imagine it will result in a defense Michigan has never seen before.

Unlike VCU, Kansas doesn’t have to turn teams over to be successful. It only needs to pressure them into bad shots and then crash the hell out of the boards. This is KU’s bread and butter. And while it isn’t nearly as exciting to talk about, I believe it will prove far more important on Friday than any old adage about guard play.

When faced against top 10 defenses this year, Michigan was 2-4. And not one of those six teams included a shot blocker of any merit.

Withey may not be the next in line to be mentioned in the same sentence as Anthony and Danny. But I do believe his play is just as likely as any guard to be the reason that Kansas advances on Friday.

Stick with an adage that works.

Keep calm and Rock Chalk.



Why Michigan is a good matchup for Kansas

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(Editor’s Note: The following is brought to you by JHT Contributor, @CrimsonBlueKU. Give him a follow on twitter for more KU insight. Rock Chalk!)

The Jayhawks will be arriving in Dallas Wednesday night as it prepares for Friday’s game against the Wolverines of Michigan.

Back in January when these two teams were ranked Nos. 1 and 2 in the country (Michigan: 1, Kansas: 2), I thought this could be a potential Final Four matchup. Well, we’re seeing it in the Sweet 16 and I’m not complaining. We’re going to see Michigan’s potent offense against Kansas’ suffocating defense. It’s going to be fun.

I’m going to try and explain why this matchup is great for Kansas. Had this been Kansas/VCU Part Deux, I think it would have been a nightmare. VCU’s havoc defense would put a lot of pressure on KU’s guards and they’d force a lot of turnovers. Luckily, we don’t have to talk about that.

Michigan does a very good job of taking care of the basketball. It averages 9.3 turnovers a game — best in the nation. The Jayhawks don’t do a very good job turning teams over, forcing 12.7 per game (220th in the nation). Kansas on the other hand, as we all know, has a huge problem hanging on to the ball. Poor dribbling, bad passes, dumb mistakes. But Michigan forces less turnovers than Kansas. They don’t put heavy pressure on the guards, which is good for Elijah Johnson and Naadir Tharpe.

Both Michigan and Kansas shoot relatively well from deep, 38 percent and 36 percent, respectively, but the Wolverines take 34 percent of their shots from outside. Kansas will have to key on Tim Hardaway (43 percent of his shots come from outside) and Nik Stauskas (60 percent). I have a feeling Ben McLemore and Travis Releford can give them all sorts of fits.

Michigan’s All-American point guard Trey Burke is fantastic. He does a good job at creating his own shot off the dribble and he shoots better than 40 percent. He does a good job at taking care of the ball and distributing to his teammates.

Where Michigan struggles is inside. If you look at the roster, the Wolverines have size, but I think Withey, Young and Ellis will give Mitch McGary, Jordan Morgan and Jon Horford fits inside. McGary is just a freshman and he’s never seen a big like Withey. Morgan gives up four inches to Withey and  Horford doesn’t get many touches. Kansas blocks 23 percent of shots at the rim, whereas Michigan only blocks eight percent. Also, Michigan allows opponents to shoot 62 percent from close while Kansas holds teams to 51 percent.

If Michigan is going to beat Kansas, it’s going to be from outside, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Shooting in a dome, especially Jerry World is much different than shooting in a regular arena. Shooters use the ceiling as markers and domes have higher ceilings, which throws off depth perception.

Kansas is the 12th best rebounding team in the nation, while Michigan is 141st. If the Jayhawks can clean up the glass on the offensive end and score-second chance points, it’s going to be difficult for Michigan.

Kansas, as we all know, is defensively sound. They’re the best team in the nation in opponent’s field goal (35.7 percent) and effective field goal percentage (41.1 percent). If anything is going to give, I believe it will be Michigan’s offense, ranked No. 2 by KenPom (120.9 points per 100 possessions). We saw Michigan State’s defense, ranked No. 6  by KenPom (86.1 points allowed per 100 possessions) shut them down.

We’ve seen Kansas struggle on offense at times, but it’s 25th in the country scoring 74.9 points per game.

Kansas’ offensive and defensive KenPom numbers are similar to Michigan State: No. 5 on defense (85.4 points allowed per 100 possessions) and No. 31 on offense (111.2 points per 100 possessions). Michigan State’s offense is 21st (113 points/100).

Michigan’s defense gives up 92.5 points per 100 possessions. John Beilein does slow it down, but they can get out and run and they’re fantastic on the fast break.

If Kansas can take care of the ball, force Michigan to miss from deep and play this game in the paint, it has a very good chance of advancing to play Florida or Dunk City on Sunday.

Rock Chalk!

Kansas: 74
Michigan: 67