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Episode 138 – KU Coaching Search (and Some Hoops)

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The guys are back to talk KU FOOTBALL COACHING SEARCH!!! #FlightTrackerSzn We dive in and talk about a zillion different guys that could be the coach. We also talk a little hoops at the end. Come for the Seth Littrell and Les Miles talk. Stay for the Lane Kiffin and Todd Haley talk.

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Episode 137 – Champ Classic Plus Beaty Out

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The fellas are back to talk some Champions Classic and preview for Michigan State, plus a lot more basketball talk in general, recapping the exhibition season. Good news, there’s NO FBI OR ADIDAS TALK at all in this episode. There’s also some reaction to Jeff Long’s handling of David Beaty and some preview on #CoachingSearchSZN. We’re getting really good at these.

Come on in, have a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast — Champ Classic and Beaty OUT edition.

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Episode 135 – KU Grab Bag, Watgino, The Blockchain, and More

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The Guys are back to talk about all things KU. 10 grab bag topics are discussed, including Vick’s return, Who starts at PG next year, KU-FBI nonsense, KU Football stuff, and much more. Come on in, grab a beer, and have a listen to the good ol’ Jayhawk Talk Podcast.

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Episode 107 – Play Sandstorm One More Time

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The guys get together to talk KU hoops (and even a little KU football!). They recap last week’s games, do a ton of Big 12 talk, and preview the upcoming Tech matchup. They are also joined for a few minutes by Mike Lavieri, who helped recap some of the off court issues plaguing the KU team. They also introduce a new (old?) segment where listener questions are debated. Come on in, grab a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast.

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Episode 99 – Make KU Football Great Again

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The guys are back! This time talking KU FOOTBALL! Sorta. This episode is the preview to the preview as they like to call it. It’s like a KU football preview, but really more of a preview to the preview show. Got it? They talk expectations for the season, run through the schedule, talk a few offseason storylines and even a little Big 12 expansion! #BowslbyBachelor

Come on in, grab a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast!

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Episode 78 – SDST Uh Oh Plus K-State Star Trek Funzies

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The guys are back to talk about South Dakota State, K-State’s Star Trek-Jayhawk fiasco, and Memphis. They break down the game from Saturday and provide their perceptions of what the loss means for the state of the program. They also discuss how K-State needs to learn how to own their jokes and spend far too long breaking down the particulars of the K-State formation. Last, they preview the Memphis game and talk a little bit about the Big 12.

Come on in, have a beer, and enjoy a little Jayhawk Talk Podcast.

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Jayhawk Talk Podcast – Season 4 Ep. 1 – Football!

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Hey everybody! We’re back! Yes, it’s been several months. We’re a couple of a-holes for telling you we’d be podcasting throughout the summer. But we hope you can forgive us because we are now back with our regularly scheduled podcast. In this 4th season opener, we do our KU football preview, catch you up on some important news, get you ready for South Dakota State, and play a few rounds of everyone’s favorite game — KU football player or Disney Character?

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As always, thank you for listening and ROCK CHALK!

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Episode 64 – Beaty, KU-UF, Jamari Safari, Conner, Georgetown and Utah

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The guys get together to talk some David Freakin’ Beaty and explain why they’re all in on the hire and you should be too. They also talk a bunch of other topics, including Florida, Jamari’s arrest, Conner’s decision, and preview Georgetown and Utah. There’s also some blatant misstatements of fact by Andrew with regard to Kevin’s thoughts on Charlie Weis which nearly caused the podcast to derail. Professionalism abounds in this, the Jayhawk Talk Podcast.

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KU Football November Preview

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Editor’s Note: This post comes from our good buddy and JHT Contributor, @TheLachmanTest. Give him a follow on Twitter. Also, props to him for picking the KU-ISU game right. This editor didn’t get the post up in time.

First and foremost, thank you for reading.  This also means you are one of few dozen fans still interested in KU football, and we all know this program can use all the support it can get.

Let’s start with a recap:

Clint Bowen has taken over for 4 games now, but has nothing to show for it in the WIN column.  KU had a competitive second half vs West Virginia, almost pulled the upset against Okie State, battled Texas Tech all game long, before predictably becoming cannon fodder for Baylor’s homecoming.

Michael Cummings has been serviceable at QB. Unfortunately, “serviceable” is considered an upgrade compared to Montell Cozart’s performance.  Bowen has now handed off the play calling duties to WRs coach Eric Kiesau, hoping for an additional spark for the offense.  Defensively, KU has hung tough, especially given the amount of time that unit spends on the field.  Ben Heeney is transforming into an All-American in front of our eyes.

Off the field, AD Sheahon Zenger has put together a committee to find the next head coach.  I have one suggestion for Shay-Z:  Get Drue Jennings on the committee.  Who is Jennings?  Only the interim AD who hired Bill Self.  #justsaying

On to the games:

11/8/14 vs Iowa State:  You could call this one the “The Pillow Fight by the Hill” or “The Battle to not be in the Cellar” or “The Big ‘Gino Bowl.”  The 2 worst teams in the league face off Saturday, marking the return of Mark Mangino to Memorial Stadium.  Will he treat it as a business trip, as he has proclaimed to the media, or will he exact his vengeance against his former employer?  Statistically, both teams are terrible on both sides of the ball, with KU being slightly better on defense, and the Cyclones slightly better on offense.  This is KU’s best chance for a win for the rest of the year, and I think they make a serious run at it.  New OC Eric Kiesau gets the offense to produce just enough to “out-saw” ISU, while KU’s defense chips in a score.  To seal the deal, The Ghost of Uncle Lew will magically appear in the stands, scaring #1 crybaby Melvin Weatherwax back into his shell (you know that guy is making this trip).

Chance of a KU win: 55%

11/15/14 vs TCU:  KU has played TCU close over the last 2 years.  That was before they picked up the air raid offense and started averaging 48 points a game.  I think a lot will depend on what happens in the TCU/KState game this week.  If TCU wins that one, they’re locked in and roll through KU on their way to a playoff berth.  If they lose to KST, there’s a chance for a lethargic start.  Throw in a cold forecast and Senior Day for Ben Heeney and Co., and it gives KU a fighting chance.

Chance of a KU win: 15%

11/22/14 at Oklahoma:   The last time KU beat OU in Norman was in 1996.  The top song on the Billboard 100 at the time was Macarena by Los Del Rio.  Yikes.  I have nothing here to buoy any hopes of an upset, as OU looks as dominant as ever. If it happens, this would be an historical upset win for Clint Bowen and his staff, and, well, I hope they all do the Macarena afterwards.

Chance of a KU win: 5%

11/29/14 at Kansas State:  The Wildcats have a rough ending to their schedule with road games at TCU, West Virginia and Baylor.  Sprinkled in there is the Sunflower Showdown.  It’s well known that Coach Snyder puts a lot of emphasis on this game and it shows, as the ‘cats have won the last 5 games.  As Kstate navigates their road schedule, will they get caught up looking ahead to Baylor with a possible league title and playoff spot on the line?  There’s a fainting goat’s chance of it happening, as Snyder’s teams are well disciplined, rarely losing at home, especially on senior day.  But if it does happen, how sweet of an ending would it be to another sub-par KU football season?

Chance of a KU win: 5%

Rock Chalk!

KU Football October Preview

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Editor’s Note: This post comes from our good buddy and JHT Contributor, @TheLachmanTest. Give him a follow on Twitter.

Let’s start with a recap.

The team limped through September with an anemic offense, a general lack of energy/urgency and ended with a 2-2 record.  After watching all 4 games in person, the overall lack of enthusiasm was probably what stuck out the most.  It was a top down effect. A head coach who impersonated a statue on game day led to a quiet team and bench, which in turn led to lethargic play and a DOA crowd.  The goose egg against a downtrodden Longhorns team was the last straw, and led to the Weis’ dismissal.

Clint Bowen, a dyed in the wool Jayhawk, has been elevated to interim head coach for the remainder of the season.  Throughout the course of the week, through various media interviews, he has exhibited a passion, enthusiasm, and understanding of KU football which we have not seen in a long time.

So he talks the talk, but can he walk the walk?

The schedule does him no favors with 3 of the next 4 games on the road, all against up-tempo, spread offense teams.  Wins are going to be hard to come by, but if he can get this team to compete on defense AND offense, limit mental mistakes, and play with a sense of urgency, I would say he has at least righted the ship.

Back in August, Charlie Weis asked us to give him September, and he would give us a reason to come in October and November.  Turns out his words were prophetic, but not in the way he intended.  If the status quo had remained in effect, the already poor fan support would have given way to complete apathy.  Now, under the command of one of its own, KU football will be worth keeping an eye on for the next two months.

On to the games.

10/4/14 @ West Virginia:  One of few highlights from last year was home win against the Mountaineers.  Dana Holgorsen is on record as saying the loss “makes me want to puke.”  Hey Dana, you sure it isn’t the 15 sugar free red bulls you drink every day? Anyway, the Mountaineers come in with a 2-2 record as well, but their 2 losses were to Alabama and Oklahoma.   Their offense seems better than last year, but the defense is giving up over 33 points a game (not counting Towson).  Why does KU have a chance?  One, because Bowen and the Jayhawks have nothing to lose and could have some tricks up their sleeve, and two, because Dana can easily pull a coach Klein trying to guess what KU is going to try to do on the field.

Chance of a KU win: 30%

10/11/14 vs Oklahoma State:  Two years ago, in Lawrence, after an extended rain delay the #freemichaelcummings hashtag was finally answered in the 3rd quarter.  What followed was a frenzied comeback from being down 20-0.  KU was a 4th down pass and a roughing the kicker penalty away from pulling off a miracle, losing 20-14.  This year, the pokes come back to Lawrence, with the same M.O. —  a high powered offense and an average defense.  Unbelievably this will be their first true road game of the year.  When can KU get a schedule like that?  Can a stout KU defense take advantage of first year junior starter Daxx “I have 2 Xs in my first name” Garman?  There is a small chance.

Chance of a KU win: 35%

10/18/14 at Texas Tech:  A few weeks ago, the defensive coordinator for Texas Tech was forced to resigned.  This was surprising because with the defense giving up 39 points a game, I did not think they had any defensive coaches.  This is your typical Tech team with the air raid offense and 11 dudes physically on the field on defense.  I smell a decent chance for an upset here.  Yes, I said it.

Chance of a KU win: 45%

11/1/14 at Baylor:  Remember when Baylor was everyone’s homecoming game?  Now that mantle has been passed on to KU, with the rapid ascent of Baylor football.  There is no way to sugar coat this one.  KU is playing at Baylor during their very first homecoming in their brand new stadium.  They are steamrolling teams with their juggernaut offense, something KU could only dream to keep up with.  A sliver of hope is that Baylor is looking ahead to their game versus Oklahoma the following week, and perhaps KU uses it’s bye week prior to the game to install an all trick play offense including the swinging gate, the fainting goat, the statue of liberty and the ugly kardashian. Adopting a no punting/only onside kicks strategy is also an option.  Fun side note: Seth Russell committed to KU, before switching to Baylor to be their back up QB. Sigh.

Chance of a KU win: 5%

Rock Chalk.