My advice to Bill Self and the 2012-13 Kansas Jayhawks

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Fuck it, dude. Let’s go bowling.

I mean it. Hang with me here, but first, take it from Walter:


Coming off three straight losses for the first time in, well, it doesn’t matter, the only thing this team needs is to not think about basketball for a few minutes. One of the best parts about coming to Kansas is the ridiculous passion of an adoring fan base. It can also be a burden, sometimes.

You know, when you lose three straight games for the first time in, well, it doesn’t matter.

Elijah Johnson has played his worst stretch of games as a Jayhawk. And to be honest, probably the worst stretch of his whole life. He is a head case shooting the ball. He is a head case driving the ball. He just doesn’t have it right now. You might recall when he did have “it.” About 11 months ago he was the reason we made a run in March. For a stretch of games there, he played his best ¬†games as a Jayhawk. Hell, maybe the best stretch of his whole life.

Works for Paul Pierce

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not buying the narrative that “this team isn’t any good.” They are good. They have two guys that will literally be making $1 million+ playing basketball next year in the National Basketball Association. They probably have another two or three other guys that will be productive professional players in a different league. Can Oklahoma say that? What about TCU?

This team isn’t bad at basketball. They’re just playing like they are. Some of it is coaching, for sure. I don’t think you can leave all the blame on the players. But now is the time for Self and Co. to make up for it. This is where he shows that he’s a Hall of Fame coach. This is where he demonstrates why we just inked a contract to pay him until my unborn child is in middle school.

So what does he need to do?

Take the team bowling this weekend.

Get their minds right! Slumpbusters obviously aren’t working. Shuffling the starting lineup ain’t working either. Running steps in Allen Fieldhouse or suicide runs or treadmill punishments don’t seem to be getting the message across either. Even Strength & Conditioning Coach, Andrea Hudy, mean-mugging players doesn’t even work (it’d work for me).

You aren’t going to learn much over the weekend. No new sets will be installed. You’ve already prepared for K-State before. I’m telling you. Bowling will do the trick.

And if ANYBODY tries to tell you that KU has no chance and that Elijah sucks and that this team is done for the season and let’s look forward to the football season and blah blah blah… just tell them this:

Rock Chalk.

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