Jayhawkers Update (with awesome pics!)

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Courtesy of Grant Franklin Fitch

Editor’s Note: The following is courtesy of Katherine Hollar (via Producer Scott Richardson).  She is a huge KU fan and great follow on twitter at @katiehollar. We met at a KU basketball game in Lincoln when she tried to run me over with her car (allegedly). She’ll be providing JHT ongoing updates about an exciting film project coming soon to a theatre near you!

Those of you who attended Late Night in the Phog got a sneak preview of “Jayhawkers,” the film about Phog Allen, Wilt Chamberlain, Kansas basketball and the sociopolitical climate of the 1950s. Producer Scott Richardson provided Jayhawk Talk with an update on the project. Stay tuned for more, as the filmmakers get ready to take Jayhawk basketball to the big screen.

I understand shooting is done – what happens now? 

We are just now starting the process of post-production, which includes editing, music scoring, special effects, etc.  We’ll also be working on developing a marketing plan and our strategy for festival submission.  For an independent film such as this one, premiering at a major festival can be the best way to begin the distribution process.  All of this will take several months.  Oh yeah, we are also seeking additional investments to cover the cost of post-production and marketing.

What was the biggest surprise with that process?

This whole project has gone surprisingly well.  KU has been wonderful to work with.  Lawrence, as usual, is a terrific host town for filmmaking (and other arts endeavors).  The interest that has been generated by this film has been very encouraging.

How did you simulate Allen Fieldhouse in the 1950s here in the 21st century?

Our director Kevin Willmott worked closely with cinematographers Matt Jacobson and Jeremy Osbern to create a dramatic look that emulates the classic 1950s basketball photos – dark backgrounds, with the players well-lit.  The basketball shots will have that same visual feeling.  We are lucky as well to have developed a very solid crew here, so the wardrobe and production design really helped sell the period look.

Is there a scene that came off particularly well, or that strikes you? What is it?

Phog Allen, played by Kip Niven, is the central character in the film.  His scenes with Coach Harp (Blake Robbins), Chancellor Murphy (Jay Karnes) and Wilt Chamberlain (Justin Wesley) will be pretty potent.  The scene where the Chancellor tells Phog that he has to retire is one that really stands out in my memory.

Are there still opportunities for Jayhawk fans to get involved and support the film?

Absolutely.  We are continuing to raise investment funds for the production LLC for post-production and marketing. If readers are interested, they can contact us through the Jayhawkers Facebook page.

For more pictures, check this out: Grant Fitch Photography


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