KU, SDST by the numbers

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It wasn’t exactly pretty.  But it was a win. And around here, we’ll take those most days. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that a guy named Turner lost his first game as KU’s head coach to a directional Dakota school. So this was a good start. And I think most can agree with that.

I’ll have more analysis throughout the week leading up to the Rice game. The point of this post is to provide a few numbers from the game and analyze how they impacted the final score. It will be a recurring post throughout the season to help paint the bigger picture before re-watching the game film for more in-depth analysis.

(1-0) – Charlie Weis’ record at KU. You can’t win them all unless you win the first one. Congratulations to Coach Weis and his staff on #1. Hope it is one of many during his tenure in Lawrence.

(30%) – KU’s efficiency on 3rd/4th down. Kansas actually moved the ball pretty well on Saturday. The team just had some difficulty finishing drives. This number helped contribute to that. Against better teams, we will need to improve our short yardage third down conversions.

(4.7) – Crist’s yards per pass average. For only completing 47% of your passes, you would think the yards per average would be higher. You would especially think so after watching the first play (43 yard bomb). It was a forgettable game for Dayne. I expect this number to be higher in every future game Crist plays under center at Kansas.

(99) – We don’t need to go into this one. Blah.

(7.6 and 6.2) – Yards per rush for Taylor Cox and Tony Pierson, respectively. Each ended up with 100+ yards rushing on the day. Incredible effort by both guys and good blocking up front as well. It will be interesting to see what the breakdown is among all the talented RBs once Sims returns.

(11-21-09) – The last time Toben Opurum played offense. He ran as the lead block on Pierson’s red zone touchdown run. Looking forward to seeing him in this capacity more this year.

(2) – The number of interceptions Bradley McDougald pulled in. It is the first time a KU defender has had two in the same game since Darrell Stuckey did so against Missouri on 11/28/08. It was also two of the four overall interceptions the team pulled in.

(2) – The number of blocked punts KU registered in the game. It was the first time KU has blocked multiple punts in a game since 10/23/04 against Oklahoma.

(0.0 and 27.3) – The average kick return yardage for KU and SDST, respectively. This will have to be an area of practice this week. Our kickoff coverage was not great. It will be interesting to see if Weis puts a few more starters on this unit. We’re also going to have to find a way to get a touchback once in a while.

573-569-58 – The overall record of the KU football team. KU will need to win a few games this year to keep this record from entering the red.

More analysis to follow in coming days and weeks. Looking forward to watching this team grow throughout the year.

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