Why Charlie Weis?

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So now that the honeymoon period is in full force, I think it’s a good time to step back and ask a few questions. We have a new coach that has a pedigree unmatched by most coaches in football.  We also have a guy that has been rumored to be arrogant, stubborn, and difficult to work with.

While I am coming around on the hire, I am certainly mindful of the knocks against Weis. He will have my support because I think it is important to give a new coach everything he needs to succeed at the start of a new tenure.  I have already done my small part by pledging an additional Williams Fund donation. I also have every intent to renew my football tickets next year.

But I’m still a little wary, and I guess it all revolves around one question:


Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weis

Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weis

The national media hated the hire. I disagree with their reasoning for the most part, but a lot of them know more about football than I do. I gauged the general tenor of their argument to be this: (1) Four jobs in four years; (2) Fell off at Notre Dame when he got his own talent in there; (3) Difficult to work with; (4) Even at Florida he found a way to screw up the offense; (5) [Insert personal story about Weis being a jerk]; and (6) …the same question I have…”Why?”

More personally, I have heard local people in the know tell me that hey sure hope Zenger did his due diligence on Weis before guaranteeing any kind of big money.  His reputation, while good on paper, is not so hot in the coaching and, more especially, the college world. The booster response I have heard is generally intrigued by the hire, so that is something.

My response to most of those concerns is this: We are Kansas. This is not Notre Dame or Florida. We haven’t exactly been a powerhouse and have low expectations in general. To win here is difficult but not impossible. We have lived through a mean coach and a nice coach and are back to a mean coach. None of those issues are incredibly important to me.

As for the worries about bringing in “his” players and installing “his” offense, the only thing I will say is this: Weis is absolutely 100% guaranteed to get a good quarterback. And a good quarterback will take you a long, long way. Look at what Robert Griffin III did at Baylor this year. Baylor is not a powerhouse. But a good quarterback put them on the map. If Weis misses on everything but QB, we are going to be just fine.

As for some of the other worries, I believe most will be negated if he gets a great staff in here. And by all accounts, Weis will get a great staff in here.

So we’re back to the original question, the only one that leaves me somewhere between concerned and intrigued…why? Why Weis?

Kansas Athletics Director Sheahon Zenger

Sheahon Zenger made a ballsy hire in Weis

The only thing I can think of is there is still another shoe to drop in this thing. Maybe Weis told Zenger he could secure a Defensive Coordinator like Jim Leavitt or Vic Koening (although it sounds like Leavitt might be in the mix at ASU). Maybe he told Zenger he’d be able to secure an incredible Offensive Coordinator like Paul Chryst. Maybe he told Zenger he already had a blue chip quarterback in his pocket like Dayne Crist.

Whatever it is, I guess I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop to give this thing some logic. Otherwise, I’m not sure why Zenger chose Weis over some other candidates that were rumored to have legitimate interest.

Maybe there isn’t another shoe. But I’d be surprised. Without it, I’m going to continue scratching my head on this one.

Right alongside most outside of Lawrence, KS.

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  1. Jason Rider says:

    I think Weis is a great hire for both KU and Weis. KU has never been a power house football school and probably won’t ever be, we’re a basketball school. The football expectations are fairly low. With the right staff Weis will get the right players and wins. The job at KU is simple, 6 to 8 wins per year (more would be great), go bowling as often as possible, don’t embarrass the school, the progam, the city or yourself. KU fans should an will support Weis, his staff, the school and our team. I’m looking forward to next season already! ROCK CHALK!

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