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Episode 37 – KU-Duke, Champ Classic, Alexander and Hats, KU-WV, and GOALPOSTS

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Kevin and Andrew return for a loaded podcast after a huge KU week. We start with KU-Duke and also talk about Kevin’s escapades in Chicago breaking up fights with drunk UK fans. We talk in depth about Cliff Alexander’s recruitment and his hilarious diss of Illinois breaking the KU hat curse forever. We also talk KU-WVU and recap our favorite experiences with tearing down goalposts (complete with photos!). We also preview Iona and do our weekly Johnny’s Taverns giveaway.

Come on in, have a beer, and enjoy the Jayhawk Talk Podcast!

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Video: KU-MU Goalposts coming down! (2003)

Video: KU-MU Goalposts go swimming (2003)

More old goalpost pics:




2013-2014 KU basketball preview and predictions

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My favorite quote about predictors and prognosticators comes from former Kansas City Star columnist, Bill Vaughan. He wrote: ”The groundhog is like most prophets; it delivers its prediction then disappears.” I generally have the same feeling about sports handicapping and preseason predictions.

They’re all made by groundhogs.

So let’s get this out of the way. I’m not a handicapper. I’m a fan. But I also hold my team to a higher standard than just about anyone else because I want what is best for them. In short, I like to think I can make impartial predictions, and I am happy to stand by them for the season and beyond.

This is the third iteration of the Jayhawk Talk season predictions blog post. The 2011-12 and 2012-13 predictions are linked. In 2011, I predicted KU to be a #2 seed in UNC’s bracket. Also predicted T-Rob to go from a 7 and 6 guy to a 17 and 10 guy. Nailed those. In 2012, I predicted KU’s non-conference and conference records accurately and said Withey wins defensive player of the year easily. Nailed those too.

I also predicted Big 12 championships for those two years, but that isn’t much of a prediction these days.

To be fair, I missed a bunch of stuff too. Namely that OSU would be #2 behind KU in 2011 (7th) and that Perry Ellis would lead us in scoring last year early in the season (lost his starting job). But the misses aren’t any fun to talk about. The same goes for this intro.

Let’s get into the 2013-14 Jayhawks, shall we?

(1) This Wiggins Fella. Forget talking about the Big 12 season or postseason. No Kansas blog post would be complete without spending an exorbitant amount of time on Andrew Wiggins. My prediction? He has a terrific season. Every reasonable college basketball fan will praise his athleticism and impact on the game. But to many, he’ll be a disappointment. That’s because I think he’ll average something like 15.5 points, 5.5 boards, 2 blocks, and 3 assists. He’ll potentially affect the game more on defense than offense (I think he’ll lead the team in blocks). And his presence on the court alone will open up the offense in other places. In short, I think he’ll be a difference maker. Even if his stats don’t bear it out.

(2) Non-Conference Record.  There are 13 non-conference games with marquee matchups against Duke, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, and Georgetown. It is a ridiculously difficult schedule — one that will be nearly impossible to navigate without yielding a loss. My prediction is that KU ends up at 11-2, which I think most reasonable fans would take. Most likely losses include Duke and Florida. The good news is that the Big 12 season should be an easier slate than the non-conference season, leaving the possibility for a great tournament seed and very high ranking by the end of the year.

(3) Conference Record. KU has an enormous advantage over the Big 12 due to its ridiculous home court advantage. Barring injury, the Jayhawks will be favored in every game played at home. With a 9-0 head start on the league, the team only has to go 6-3 or better on the road to pretty much guarantee a share of the season title. I believe that will be the exact record at the end of the conference season, 15-3. Losses could occur @KSU, @ISU, @OSU, or @Baylor. I will say this… I don’t think TCU will be one of the losses for the second year in a row.

(4) Big 12 Champs. It’s impossible to predict any other team to win the Big 12 regular season title until it actually happens. And, well, I don’t think it’s going to happen this year. It’s not that KU is overwhelmingly better than teams like OSU, Baylor, or ISU. There are some really good players in the league this year. The difference is KU’s incredible home court advantage, Bill Self’s in-season coaching, and the general pedigree of winning these things. The only remaining question is how long it takes to see a picture of Self wearing all ten rings.

(5) Rotation. The rotation seems to be the hot button topic among KU diehards. For the first time in a long time, there is a ridiculous amount of depth on this KU team. We know the starters are going to be Ellis, Tharpe, Black, Wiggins, and Selden. What we don’t know is how deep Self will go on the bench. I predict the main rotation to include Embiid, Traylor, White, and Mason. That’s 9 guys. Rarely has a Bill Self team gone beyond 8 or 9, much less 10. As a result, I don’t think we’ll see a whole lot of Greene or Frankamp this season, except when the team needs a spark.

(6) Don’t forget about the veterans. This team has a great deal of hype, largely due to the best recruiting class Bill Self has ever brought to KU. Wiggins, Selden, and Embiid will all play a lot of minutes and will be a huge part of the success of the team. But even though KU returns no starters from the 2012-13 season, it does have legitimate veteran presence. Perry Ellis is a monster (more to come on that) and if the two exhibition games are any representation at all, Naadir Tharpe is a different player (15 assists, 0 turnovers). Jamari Traylor also has a role on this team (reports are that Self has been having him watch tape of Kevin Young to show him the type of energy he needs to bring to get minutes). In short, the vets will be just as important as the freshmen, especially early on when the lights are still bright.

(7) Perry Ellis. This is a bad, bad man. He may be quiet. He may not do anything flashy. But Perry is a true assassin with the basketball in his hands. The last third of the 2012-13 season was his coming out party, even if some fans expected to see it earlier. My prediction is that he will lead this team in scoring. Even over that Wiggins guy. Sure, Baylor’s Isaiah Austin and Cory Jefferson have been named Preseason All-Big 12 first teamers and Ellis was not on the list. I predict Ellis will force voters to remove one of these guys at the end of the season.

(8) Offense. I believe the normal Bill Self offense will be on display most of the time. In fact if you aren’t watching closely, it may seem similar to past years. You’ll still see the high-low motion. You’ll still see the same ball movement and inside-out attack. There will be a few differences, though. Self will most certainly install a “Wiggins Package” of plays, designed to get Andrew one-on-one against a single defender. The same can be said for Selden, though his plays may revolve more around posting up his (much smaller) defender. These two players are too valuable on the offensive end not to feature them in NBA-type isolation sets. It will be interesting to see how often these plays occur and how they assimilate into the overall offense. It is also worth noting that because of the team’s depth, there are multiple opportunities for mismatches on the offensive end that could change game to game. We have the low block banger bigs (Black, Jamari), the skilled and quicker bigs (Perry, Embiid), the jet off the bench (Mason), and the 3-point assassins (Greene, Frankamp, White). Depending on the defense, the game plan could change from game to game when it comes to the rotation.

(9) Defense. It is impossible to replace Jeff Withey. His impact on the defensive side of the ball was immeasurable. He allowed our guards to gamble a bit because the guards knew Withey was behind them scaring penetration away from the paint. This team will need to be much more sound when it comes to on-ball defense because there isn’t a bonafide rim protector in the paint this year. Through two exhibition games, you have probably heard Self mention more than once that on-ball defense is the area where the team could use the most improvement. The good news is the starters should, in theory, be great on-ball defenders. Tharpe was a bit of a liability on the defensive end last year, but hopefully he has improved. Wiggins and Selden are both so long and athletic that they should, in theory, be able to learn to play great defense. Black also provides a new dynamic on defense that we did not have before he transferred to KU. Remember how Perry got knocked around the block by bigger guys last year? That won’t be the case with Black. He is the one who knocks.

(10) Overall Record. For those math majors out there, I have predicted 11-2 for the non-con schedule and 15-3 for the conference slate. That’s a lovely 26-5 record, good for a #2 seed in the tourney.

(11) Tourney. Last year I said the Jayhawks were an “Elite 8 caliber” team. This year is different. While college basketball as a whole has some great teams this year, it’s hard to argue with the sentiment that this team has the talent to compete at the very highest level. Success in the tournament has so many variables, including luck of the draw, so it is often difficult to predict. That said, I think most KU fans would be disappointed not to make it out of the second weekend this year. KU ran into a buzz saw with Michigan last year. I predict this team has a little bit of luck and the Jayhawks reach the Final Four in Dallas. Dallas…an enormous KU alumni city.

From there, you never know what could happen.





JHT PODCAST – Episode 24 – Gonzalez Twins, Tarik Black, Andrew Wiggins, and Titletown

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In this the 24th installment of the Jayhawk Talk Podcast, Kevin and Andrew get together to talk a variety of topics related to KU sports — the addition of Tarik Black, more Andrew Wiggins news, the NBA Draft, KU Football news and recruiting, and a super not creepy discussion on the Gonzalez Twins of KU women’s basketball. Come on in, grab a beer, and enjoy the Jayhawk Talk Podcast. Rock Chalk!

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KU iPhone Wallpapers

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Just in time for March Madness, my buddy Jared Dunn (@jaredadunn on twitter) has produced some pretty sweet KU iPhone 5 wallpapers, and I wanted to share them here. Click the links below for the full size of the photos.




Find more work from Jared at his website,

Rock Chalk!


Jayhawk Talk Podcast – Episode 19 (Featuring CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander)

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The very first podcast episode recorded in the postseason. Andrew and Kevin are joined by CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander (host of the Eye on College Basketball Podcast) to talk Big 12 Tournament, Bracketology, Cinderellas, Subliminal Messages, and KU’s title hopes. Come on in, grab a beer, and enjoy the Jayhawk Talk Podcast!

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Jayhawk Talk Podcast – Episode 5 – Basketball Returns!

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Let's all make fun of this together!

In this, the 5th installment of the Jayhawk Talk Podcast, the guys talk some KU-Texas football, preview the exhibition basketball season, talk some Greg Ostertag, and relentlessly make fun of Kansas State and Missouri. If you like KU sports and have a little time to spare, we’d love to share our rants with you. Come on in, grab a beer, and enjoy. Rock Chalk!





Jayhawk Talk Podcast Episode 4 – Late Night!

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Courtesy of CJOnline

In Episode 4 of the Jayhawk Talk podcast, the guys discuss this last weekend’s Late Night in the Phog festivities, touch on some KU basketball recruiting, pontificate on Self’s rotation this year, and applaud the effort of the football team against OSU. Oh, and the triumphant return of Stat Boy! (#FF @KUStatBoy on twitter). Come on in, have a beer, and enjoy!

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Jayhawkers Movie

Posted on: June 29th, 2012 by jayhawktalk 2 Comments

(Editor’s Note: The following is courtesy of Katherine Hollar.  She is a huge KU fan and great follow on twitter at @katiehollar. We met at a KU basketball game in Lincoln when she tried to run me over with her car (allegedly). She’ll be providing JHT ongoing updates about an exciting film project coming soon to a theatre near you!)

The Phog soon will roll onto the big screen.

Now in pre-production, Jayhawkers will tell the story of how Phog Allen and Chancellor Frank Murphy recruited Wilt Chamberlain from Philadelphia to play at Kansas…and how a group of unlikely allies changed college basketball and Lawrence in a parallel to the Civil Rights movement that changed the country.

At the helm of the project are writer/producer/director Kevin Willmott and writer/producer Scott Richardson. Willmott, an associate professor of film at KU, has directed two films (C.S.A.: Confederate States of America and The Only Good Indian) selected to the Sundance Film Festival. Richardson, a KU alumnus, has produced multiple projects for The History Channel and has written and consulted for many leading entertainment outfits, including A&E and AMC.

A full synopsis is available at The film will weave together the father of modern basketball coaching, the most legendary basketball player of the modern era and the tension of racism and segregation – only one year after Brown vs. Board of Education in Topeka, just 20 miles from Lawrence. As the filmmakers state, “The struggle for dignity and civil rights on the court would bond a team and change a town forever.”

The movie’s climax will come during the triple-overtime 1957 national championship game against the University of North Carolina, a game that has been called the greatest in college history.

More details will surface soon, but the movie will be shot in Lawrence (and the Fieldhouse), and Kansas fans will be tickled by the casting pick for Wilt Chamberlain, to say the least.

We talk a lot about tradition with Kansas basketball, but too often that conversation focuses on banners on the Fieldhouse wall, not the heritage of the Free State progressives. Jayhawkers will honor both – and fans will have opportunities to get involved. Like the Facebook page. Be an extra. Donate a few dollars, once the crowdsourcing effort is underway. Help Willmott and Richardson show the film community – and the nation – why we pay heed.


Rock Chalk Tweet Tweet

Posted on: January 25th, 2012 by jayhawktalk 1 Comment

Many KU fan signs are inspired by Twitter

I’m into Twitter. I know many of you are too. I got on my Twitter game in the middle of 2008. I started @JayhawkTalk a couple years later, mostly so that I could keep my personal life tweets separate from my KU tweets. Not that there was much of a difference in the two timelines.

Since the middle of 2010, I have watched the KU Twitter community burgeon into quite the social phenomenon. I follow quite a few other fan bases on Twitter in addition to KU, and I’d be hard pressed to find a school that does Twitter quite like Jayhawks do Twitter.

It’s actually interesting how organized KU fans are. For instance, there are bona fide hash tags for both sports (#kubball and #kufball). Most schools can’t even figure out what one of their tags should be (read: #kstate, #emaw, #ksu #ksumbb). There are also funny or unique KU hash tags that people get on board with (#FreeSelby, #FOE, #WitheyBeingWithey, #KUCMB, #MarchSwagness, and #PointPlankn). They come and go, and new ones are always popping up and catching on.

Hell, recently we’ve even seen people playing @FakeJoeDooley‘s drinking game via twitter.

There’s no question KU tweeters aren’t afraid to be passionate too. I see all of the national sports writers retweeting and responding to KU fans every day. Sure, we’re noisy and we like to defend our team. Some of it, though, is that we are just all about Twitter.

Every so often, I plan to highlight some people on my blog that I enjoy following. The list is not meant to be exhaustive or even close to it. I just thought it would be worthwhile to point out a few people every so often that have their Jayhawk Twitter game on lock down as well.

I’ll separate them by category. Also, now is a good place to note that I have extensive Twitter lists maintained from @JayhawkTalk that I encourage you to take a look at if you’re not into following everyone. Check them out here.

Here are 30 folks off the top of my head that I enjoy following for one reason or another.

Always have great KU info: @BHanni @JayhawkSlant @RockChalkTalk  @mlavieri @mctait

Good recruiting info: @ebosshoops @KUTheShiver @EvanDanielscout @AdamZagoria

Folks I always stop to read: @joshklingler @jaybilas @getnickwright @kenpomeroy @mellinger

Fun follows: @DanBeebe @FakeJoeDooley @FakeJeffWithey @KansasHulk @FakeCharlesWeis

Solid KU fan follows: @CassieRupp @kevbo9 @katiehollar @jayhawk_kevin @kutattkat @travis_ku @crimsonandblu

Best KU player follows: @_tee_y (and not close), @dp2nice

Best Former KU player follows: @nickcollison4, @next718star

That’s all for now. Again, I did this off the top of my head, so please don’t reply and ask why you weren’t included. Over time, I’ll do more of these kinds of posts with updated people I enjoy following.

In the interim, Rock Chalk Jayhawk! #kubball #kucmb

New Website!

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I am excited to announce that I am officially graduating from blogspot! Yes, as you can tell by now I have a freakin’ website. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. For now, you will find the same kind of blog posts as I was doing on the previous blog. However, instead of posting pictures to a blog post, I will post them to my photos section of this website (see tabs above). In addition, I am excited to announce that I am pairing with a great friend to start a Jayhawk Talk podcast. We will have weekly guests and will discuss the most recent news and action surrounding KU athletics. Stay tuned for more exciting news and check back soon. Great new content is on the way.

Rock Chalk!!